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CRS Alarms wants Henderson to get the best home alarm systems for its residents. Our company prides itself on our courteous customer service. The reviews we receive reflect our happy, satisfied customers that we have. We keep them happy by offering four basic security packages. We assist them in customizing it to fit their home’s needs. The pricing comes in easy to understand terms. Since we are local, our alarm systems company offers free same-day installation if you choose. Our award-winning Brinks Home Security provides 24/7 monitoring from nearby Nevada central monitoring stations. Along with your basic security package, smart home alarm system devices are also available to integrate.

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Smart Home Security Package
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Thermostat with App

Smart Security and Home Automation

Thermostat with App

You have the option to choose to have just simple alarm monitoring or design something with all the extras. You can customize your Smart Security Packages at any time. As your home’s needs change, add on devices for more convenience and protection. We carry only the latest technology in our smart home security packages. Automation, home security cameras, and other security items keep you in control and always informed. Even though the technology is state-of-the-art, our licensed security professionals make sure to assist you in getting familiar with your new system. They stay until your questions are all answered. If a future question arises, we are always happy to provide the help you need. 

Smart Security Packages use Wireless LTE Connected Security Panels. You do not need a landline for a connection. This feature lets the panel continue working even during a power outage or when the internet goes down. Your home stays secured at all times. Another important feature is that the panels are smash-proof. If there is any attempt to destroy or disable it, the police receive an instant alert.

Access Control

Energy Management

Video Monitoring

Lighting Control

$0 Upfront on All New Smart Home Systems
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Watch over your home with Security Camera Installation

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24/7 Live Video Recording
Stay informed with 24/7 live video recording. Then, you always have an eye on the motion in and around your home. Continuous recording assures you that nothing goes unseen. Later, in the event of activity detected, a recording stays on hand for future reference.
Automated Notifications
Also, automated alerts allow a fast response to any motion seen on the grounds. As a result, a quick response time limits the extent of the risk that is occurring there. So, whether it is an intruder or environmental event, you can address it right away and get help if needed.
Professionally Installed
Above all, a professionally installed video surveillance system assures you of high-quality performance. Our techs take the time to go over all of the details so that there are no areas overlooked. Trained technicians know what to look for when it comes to crucial performance.
Security Camera Installation

Home Security Cameras

Surveillance Video Camera

We offer only the latest in security equipment. State-of-the-art security systems combined with industry-leading alarm monitoring is the key to keeping your family protected. In the area of video surveillance, not all cameras are the same. Your concern about your privacy and the camera’s image quality are important to us. With our commercial-grade security cameras you receive a crystal-clear picture 24/7. The cameras are secure and can’t be hacked by outsiders.

We have cameras that cover your whole home and property, inside and out. We are a local company you can trust. When your safety matters, we are here for you.

Full High Definition

24/7 Continuous Recording

Cloud Encrypted Storage

Smart Notifications

Surveillance Video Camera
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UL-Certified Alarm Monitoring

Police DUI Checkpoint

To have the most efficient home security systems, it is best to have them backed by alarm monitoring. CRS offers industry-leading alarm monitoring services from Brinks Home Security. They have a reputation for fast and reliable response times. When there is a quick response, it increases the chances of catching the home invader. With Brinks Home Security’s award-winning alarm monitoring, you can rest easy knowing they are watching out for you. 

CRS is a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer based in Nevada. We partnered with them because Brinks Home Security has a quick and accurate response time. J.D. Power awarded Brinks Home Security for having the highest customer satisfaction for their central alarm monitoring in the Nation. You can be confident that your alarm monitoring is handled by one of the most trustworthy businesses in the industry. 

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Police DUI Checkpoint
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Security System Installation

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Trying to save money or taking on a DIY home security system is risky when your family’s safety is involved. Our reputation as a trusted home security monitoring company in Nevada comes from our efforts to give attention to the details. Our licensed and certified technicians ensure that your equipment is installed and running smoothly. They show you through the start-up and operations of your new system. All of these services are FREE for you, along with free same-day installation if you want that option. Any support you need in the future is always just a phone call away.

We want to ease your worry so you can relax. We take care of your security from here. State-of-the-art security systems, award-winning alarm monitoring, and free same-day installation are a combination that means sure success when it comes to your safety.

Our Henderson service area covers, but is not limited to, Boulder City, Mesquite, and North Las Vegas.

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