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CRS North Las Vegas Home Security aims to lead in the home security systems industry. They keep you safe in the North Las Vegas, Nevada area. When you look for a home security company, there is a lot of companies to consider. CRS is here to help you. We always give you a courteous customer experience. This reputation reflects in our home security company reviews. Our prices are straight-forward with easy to understand packages

Our local service offers home security that includes a FREE same-day install if you choose. Also, you get award-winning Brinks Home Security alarm monitoring with their nearby monitoring stations in Nevada. In addition, you get the smartest home on the block with our smart home options. Call us today. We can help you assemble the smart home alarm system you’ve always wanted.

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Smart Home Security and Automation

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We offer only the latest devices in packages that range from simple alarm monitoring to something with all the extras. Our Smart Home Security Packages are customizable. As your needs or budget changes, it lets you add devices for your convenience and security. CRS provides the most advanced technology in smart home automation, security systems, and video surveillance. Your new system allows you to stay in-control and alerted. Too much technology to learn? Our licensed security experts take the time to lead you through all the features of your new system. They will be happy to stay and answer any questions you have. 

Our Smart Security Packages all have a Wireless LTE Connected Security Panel. Landlines are not necessary. There is no need to worry about a power outage, or the internet connection is out. Your home remains secure. The panels are smash-proof. If there is an attempt to disable it, an immediate alert is sent to the authorities.

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Home Surveillance Systems

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We offer you the latest security equipment. We believe the combination of state-of-the-art security systems and industry-leading alarm monitoring is the answer for the best protection. When it comes to video surveillance, cameras can be completely different in quality. We don’t try to save money when it concerns your privacy and the quality of the camera image. You get commercial-grade security cameras that give you a crystal-clear picture 24/7. They are secure from any intruders and can’t be hacked.

Our cameras cover you all of the way around the house, inside and out. Call a local company you can trust. We know your safety matters.

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UL-Certified Alarm Monitoring

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Home security systems are not at their best when you don’t have alarm monitoring added. The best monitoring out there is the industry-leading alarm monitoring services from Brinks Home Security. We know they ensure quick and dependable response times. Getting first responders on the scene quickly increases the odds of catching the intruder at your home. With Brinks Home Security’s award-winning alarm monitoring watching your home you get peace of mind. 

CRS Alarms is a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer. We team up with Brinks Home Security as our alarm monitoring company here in Nevada. They have a quick and reliable response time. J.D. Power awarded Brinks Home Security as the central alarm monitoring company with the best customer satisfaction in the Nation. We know that your alarm monitoring is from one of the most trustworthy companies in the monitoring business. Look at our security alarm reviews and see what others have to say.

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Security System Installation

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Protecting your family and home is not something you want to take chances on with a DIY system. CRS is a trusted North Las Vegas home security company. We have earned this trust through our attention to the details. Our licensed and certified specialists make sure your new system is up and running. In addition, you receive guidance on how to work the features of your new system. All this for FREE, along with free same-day installation if you choose this option. We provide any future support for you if there are needs for assistance for any reason. 

We handle it from here, you get to relax. State-of-the-art security systems, award-winning alarm monitoring, and free same-day installation are an unbeatable combination of security success.

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