Best Security System Specials in Las Vegas, Nevada

Best Security System Specials in Las Vegas, Nevada

The knowledge that someone has invaded your personal, private space to take something from you is difficult to process.

If you’ve ever had a run-in with petty theft or a home break-in, you understand the weight of awful feelings that fester. Nothing, and no one, should threaten your safety, or the safety of your family. There’s glory in connecting to a local business with security deals whose top priority is keeping your home secure.

Having a trusted security system can act as a preventative measure. There isn’t a price that you can put on your health and wellbeing, but we are here to make this reachable for you and your loved ones with home security system specials.

Security Deals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for many things. Some, less glamourous than others. But to know that homeowners have the support of local home security agencies that have home alarm specials on the rotation is comforting.

Rarely do we come across security packages that serve your security needs while keeping your pocket filled. The number of deals we’re seeing this week as the holiday’s specials are flying at us left and right. Let’s take a look at the best security system specials in Las Vegas. Many think alarm systems are expensive, that’s why we have found you the best home security system deals and specials. Protect your home, and protect your pockets.

Home Security System Specials

Affordable, practical, safe, and serving. These businesses keep your security at the top of their priority list. No, seriously, there’s totally a list.

The knowledge that you can trust a top-tiered group of organizations to keep you, your business, and your family safe affords you the ability to exit the office or the home confident and safe. If you have 3 minutes to read this, then you have 3 minutes to make the call, send the email and get set up for success.


ADT, a trusted name in home security packages has a great package deal. Does a free home security system sound good to you?

For the $99 it costs to install 6 sensors, 1 motion, and 2 remotes, you will have the Mac daddy set up. Your security system will include 6 door and window sensors.

The set up comes with one LCD digital keypad, police, fire, and emergency panic buttons and a high decibel siren. This deal is equipped with a 24-hour backup battery should you lose power, one pet-friendly motion detector, a hostage code, and a door chime.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services is here to protect your fort. With a rotating selection of home security deals and a reputable name, they’re ready to provide safety to your family. If you choose to connect with them today, you can choose any mix of brand new indoor, outdoor, or doorbell cameras.

There’s also an opportunity for you to have a $0 same-day alarm monitoring activation. Fort Knox Security Services are creating layers of support in their service to the people of Las Vegas. Having full coverage monitoring in this day and age is so important. Don’t skip out on this opportunity.


Frontpoint, known for its stellar customer service, has a Black Friday deal happening that’s sure to catch your eye.

Get this: while their home security packages begin at $99, this coming week you’ll receive 30%. And if that doesn’t entice you, don’t worry. They’ve got a few more tricks up their sleeves. Included with your home security package will be a free doorbell camera, a $149.99 value.

Frontpoint has a 94% customer success rate. The data doesn’t lie, rest assured you’re in good hands.


While many home security companies have a liberating “do it yourself” attitude, Vivint is coming at you with a free professional installation. That’s right! No arguments over which bolt goes where.

With a qualifying system purchase, you will also receive a $50 gift card. And, to boot, the activation fee will be $0. Yep, I said it. Zip, zilch, zero. Vivint is widely known for its progressive intelligence on home automation. Take advantage of this deal while you still can.


With glowing reviews from the Wirecutter to Techcrunch, SimpliSafe home security is establishing itself as a high-quality home security agency.

SimpliSafe is running some pocket friendly deals. You will receive up to 50% of any new system. In addition to that spectacular number, you’ll also receive a free camera- a $99 value.

SimpliSafe is stretching its services to provide security not just for intruders. They provide security for fires, water damage, and medical emergencies, too. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

CRS Alarms

What’s that saying about saving the best for last? CRS Alarms has been in the business for 20 years serving the Las Vegas community. With a few JD Power & Associates awards under their belt, they’re proving time and time again that they show up for your safety 100% of the time.

When people are searching for a service or product that will serve them well, taking a glance at consumer reviews or testimonials is always a good call. CRS Alarms has everything in between the classic home security features. Whether it’s smoke detectors to emergency response team notifications that you’re looking to add to your new system, CRS can meet those needs and beyond.

CRS is rotating online specials, and today it happens to be an entire first month of home security for free. Normally, that first month can cost folks up to $200 with installation fees and activation.

This chance to slowly adapt your finances to taking on security coverage is rare. Let CRS Alarms equip your family with unwavering, dependable home security.

Tailored Home Security Packages

The safety of you and your loved ones is on the table. With so many security deals in the Las Vegas area, you are supported with whichever service you choose. Whether your preferred niche in-home security system specials is in home automation or video surveillance packages, your move to establish safeguards in your home is a smart one.

While your Las Vegas home security options are wide, we trust you’ll find the one that best serves you and your loved ones.