New Year, New Las Vegas Home Security Systems

New Year, New Las Vegas Home Security Systems

Your home security system has served you well for the past couple of years. However, you are now seeing some nice home automation products and would like to add to your system. Will it be compatible? How do you know when your security system is outdated? Here are a few items to consider. 


Landlines are slowly phasing out. Home security systems still use them, but wireless is overtaking the popular choice. When alarm systems connect to landlines, there is the chance they can be cut and disabled. Cut wires also affect connected sensors throughout the home, such as windows and doors. Also, the wiring for these items run through the walls and ceilings. So, when a wire breaks or is frayed, there is quite a task to access them for repairs. 


Today’s home security cameras are far past the 720p, and now even the standard 1080p. You may now even find 2k and 4k cameras coming on the market. If you are still trying to review footage with grainy, black and white video, it is time to look into updating. The standard 1080p cameras come with color night vision, motion-activated with a wide-angle view. There is no need to cut corners here. The latest cameras are affordable, and the accurate footage you will get is crystal clear.

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Remote Access

The highlight of the latest home security systems is remote access. We manage our lives through our smartphones. Our home security needs to be accessible through an app as well. Access to our security system and cameras at home is important. When we have a visitor at our front door, we want to pull up a live stream of the person and have a conversation with them to see what they need. Remote access allows you to check on your home security system and arm/disarm when necessary, even when you are not home. 

Smart Home Security

Speaking of remote access, who doesn’t want to be able to turn down that thermostat while you are away? Updated home security gives you access to all your home’s smart devices plugged in and integrated into your security system. Saving money and energy is always a good thing. Not just the thermostat, but unlock your front door, close your garage door, turn on the lights before you get home, and more. If your home security system is only capable of sounding an alarm if someone breaks into the house, an update is in order. 

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Alarm Monitoring

When your home security system is triggered, is it just a blaring alarm that wakes the neighbors? Time to upgrade. Updated alarm systems are either self-monitored or tie in with a central monitoring station that keeps an eye on your house 24/7. The best choice is a monitoring station since this saves you the worry about unusual activity. However, even self-monitoring is better than none at all. The negative side of this choice is that you have to be available to figure out what is causing the alarm alerts and what action to take. Central monitoring will see the alert, find out what’s going on, and send the needed assistance even if you are not available. 

Home Security Summary

The above listing is only a couple of warning signs that your system needs to be updated. Give us a call at CRS Alarms and see what we have to offer you for upgrades. Let us know what you have, and listen to what options there are. At times, an existing system is upgradable with new devices, depending on its age and components. Our experts evaluate and advise you. Don’t let the future pass you by. There is so much more available with your home security system than a burglar alarm. Find out more today!


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