4 Advantages of Wireless Home Security

4 Advantages of Wireless Home Security

As you settle into a new year, many include a close look at their home security systems. Is everything functioning well? Does anything need to be upgraded? One feature that many are turning to is wireless home security systems. There are several benefits to changing your hardwired system over to wireless. Some people feel that they get their money’s worth in an item if they use it until it doesn’t run anymore. However, when it comes to home security systems, this is not always a wise decision. For that reason, it is good to thoroughly go through and evaluate your system once in a while. See what is available in the latest technology and compare. You may not need anything new at the moment, or you may see great benefits in an upgrade. Here are some features of a wireless system and how it may help you out. 

wireless home security systems


Whether you choose professional installation or make it a DIY project, wireless cameras are nice and easy to install. Without holes to drill for wires, set up is quick and simple. The flexibility in moving them around for a new view is also a good feature. Not to mention, if you are a renter it is easy to pick them up and go. Using this type of wireless system won’t leave holes in the walls that you will need to repair when leaving. 

Easy Remote Access

An app allows you to manage these wireless home security systems when you are away from the house. Or, if you are already home, a key fob lets you arm or disarm your system. It usually includes a panic button on there as well. With the power of remote access, you view the activity going on in and around your home at all times. When there is an alert of unusual activity, just open your app and view what is happening. 

Smart Home Convenience

When wireless home security systems work well with your smart home devices, it doesn’t get any easier. Having the control to manage your home while you are away, makes daily tasks less worrisome. Running late to get home? Turn on the house lights, so you don’t have to arrive in the dark. Forget to close the garage? No need to worry, your wireless smart home access lets you take care of that from anywhere. 

wireless home security systems

Cellular Options

A wireless system lets you employ a cellular connection. This is an important option for your networking. This uses the same reliable signal that your cellphone employs. With cellular, you never have to worry about a power outage or your wires getting cut or damaged. Stay protected at all times. Cellular ensures that you have constant uninterrupted security. Weathering and wear or tear will not be a threat any longer. 

Weigh the Advantages With Your Needs

While there are many advantages to wireless home security, there are still a couple of drawbacks. So, you need to look over your property to see if it will be a good fit. Since it is wireless, if you need to depend on a Wi-Fi signal for devices, then make sure it reaches across the home. Generally, it is designed to work best with small to medium homes. However, Wi-Fi extenders help solve that issue if needed. The other downside to wireless is having to depend on batteries to keep the power-up. This isn’t an issue if you make it a routine to regularly change them out. At CRS Home Security, we want to assist you in making the best decisions for your family and home. Give us a call and together we will evaluate your needs and see what fits you best. 

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