Security Systems for a Homeowner

Security Systems for a Homeowner

After careful planning and saving, you finally achieve your goal of owning your own home. Part of the responsibility of owning property is keeping it safe. In fact, mortgage companies require you to keep your house insured to protect their investment. In turn, insurance companies are happy when homeowners do their best to lower the risks around the home. One way to do this is to install home security systems. Insurance companies know that by discouraging intruders, you lessen the chance of filing a claim for property loss or damage. Home security systems have become so popular that now new homes are already wired and set up for them. What kind of security systems are available to choose from? 

Basic Security Systems

Thinking about the main reason to install security systems, it would be to protect what is inside your home and keep unwanted intruders out. So, with this in mind, here are a few of the basic staples to start out with. Keep in mind, all of these items are accessible on your smartphone or other web-enabled devices. 

Control panel: Your main control panel is where all of your security devices come together. From here, you monitor the status of your property and the devices keeping it safe. It takes photos of whoever disarms the system, controls your smart home automation, and more. 

Video Doorbell: This is a small but vital item to put into all security systems. This one device watches over your whole front yard, alerting you to any movement while also recording it. You have the ability to answer your front door by speaking with whoever is there. They never even know that you are away since you speak with them remotely using your phone. 

Door and Window Sensors: These look unimportant, but they are. Place the sensors on doors, windows, cabinets, gates, drawers, etc. Anywhere you need to monitor when something opens or closes is where you place them. 

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras: Decide how many cameras you want to watch over the inside and outside of the house. You can layer as many as you want to in order to completely cover the house perimeter. Inside, focus on entry points where an intruder could access. 

Motion Detectors: These are good to have but, large pets and children may interfere with their effectiveness. They work best when armed while the house is empty. 

Smart Home Security Systems

Who doesn’t like the convenience of making tasks easier? Smart home automation is becoming standard in many households. You may not even realize that you already use many of these devices. These would include your Roomba vacuum and Alexa, the virtual voice assistant. As your budget allows, add as many or as few of these smart devices. You can program and schedule these to interact with each other to perform assigned tasks. As with your basic security system, these smart home items have an app that you use remotely or locally to control them, in addition to the central control panel. Here are just a few to think about.

Keyless Locks: Use your smartphone app to check the status, lock, or unlock the door as needed. You can assign user codes for those who need to access the house while you are out. You are informed when the code is used. 

Smart Thermostat: One of the homeowner’s favorite energy-saving devices. This thermostat learns when to adjust a room’s temperature if it is empty or you are pulling up in the driveway. Saving energy means saving money, which is always a good thing. 

Smart Lighting: Smart bulbs are an extremely flexible item. Not only are they energy savers, but they change colors, brightness, and more. They are programmable to work with other devices in the home to make it safer and more convenient for you. 

Garage Door Controller: This control alerts you if you drive away with the door still open. You then use the app to close it from wherever you are. Open it when your package arrives so it goes inside and then close the door back up. 

The Best Home Security 

All of the above items named in the home security and home automation areas are only a small sample of what can go into our home security systems. If you are still planning it out, let us help you. At CRS Home Services, we assist you by learning what your needs are and giving suggestions that fit your home best. Even if you begin with a basic system, it is always possible to add to it as your needs or budget change. Find out more about what is available. The options really are endless!