Are DIY Alarm Systems a Good Idea?

Are DIY Alarm Systems a Good Idea?

The DIY trend is in full swing lately, especially after spending so much time at home. Some have even carried this idea over to providing security for their home. But, are installing alarm systems really a good idea for the DIY person? We all try to save money, which is the main idea behind DIY. However, home security is a risky area to try your best at something. Alarm systems provide protection for your family and the valuable assets in your home. It needs to be done right the first time without taking chances. Read over the following Pros and Cons for DIY alarm systems before you decide.

The Pros of DIY Alarm Systems

Those who are interested in a DIY project like the idea of being in control of the job. When you choose each piece of equipment yourself, you know you are getting exactly what you want. Companies that provide the equipment for DIY alarm systems use the same commercial-grade devices in all of their security packages. There are also options available in your home improvements stores and even online. The good news is that most home security devices come with pretty direct installation instructions. 

Don’t forget about monitoring your home security system. Even though you have put together your own system does not mean you cannot get professional monitoring. Yes, you have the ability to self-monitor using your smartphone, but the savings does not always outweigh the safety issue. Many monitoring companies are available for self-installed systems. 


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The Cons of DIY Alarm Systems

Rather than having a professional come to your house and put a security plan together with you, you are responsible to do this. It takes a careful walkthrough and plans on your part to not miss any areas. A disadvantage of choosing all of your own devices is that it comes a la carte. When dealing with home security companies, they usually have packages already put together in group pricing. Also, if there is a faulty device not working properly, you need to follow up on the replacement. Whereas, a security company would be responsible to fix it if it came from them and their installation. 

Probably, the area to be the most concerned with is installation. The difference between you installing and a professional installing is having experience. A professional technician knows the best placement for a home security device. Their training and experience give them an advantage. They also ensure that all the devices are compatible and work well together. 


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Making a Decision That Fits You

With so many home security companies, each one offering many options, along with DIY security systems, take time to do your research. There are so many choices because there are so many different situations that require a variety of solutions. Make your own Pros and Cons list to determine the best choice for your home and family. Keep in mind that home security is a vital part of your home safety. It is not a time to cut corners or try to do without. 

Just because you plan on a DIY system doesn’t mean you cannot call around and get a couple of different quotes from security companies. You may be surprised to find that by the time you put together a security system and try to do the installation yourself, you didn’t really get ahead. For example, CRS Home Services offers free same-day installation and training with their home security systems. Compare your a la carte equipment pricing to the CRS packages that you customize. Call CRS today and let them know what you are trying to get done at your house and see what they offer. Making good decisions keeps your family safe at all times.