Best Las Vegas Home Security Systems of 2021

Best Las Vegas Home Security Systems of 2021

With access to the internet today, how hard can it be to search for a company that provides home security systems? Well, if you go to the Yellow pages online and type in Las Vegas security systems, it will pull up over 200 listings for you to browse. That isn’t even including searches for Burglar Alarm Systems or Alarm Systems and Monitoring. Don’t even try to Google those same four words because you will get 155,000,000 results. We’re here to help you out today by narrowing down to the area’s most qualified home security systems companies. We’ll consider what your home most likely needs and what the companies have to offer. 



ADT is a well-known name in the security systems industry and has been in the business for over 140 years. They are a nationwide company and boast over 6,000,000 customers. They have a good reputation for the professional installation of their equipment. Pricing isn’t clear until a representative visits your home. ADT requires a two to a three-year contract for the monthly leasing of the equipment and service. The installation fee can run from $99 to $199. Their monthly plans run from about $28 a month to $59 a month, depending on what features you include, from basic to smart home packages. You do have the option of using an existing system or some third-party equipment if it proves to be compatible. 

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Vivint is another well-known nationwide company that provides security systems. They have over 20 years in the business and about 1.5 million customers. Their services offer free quotes and no activation fee. The standard package includes fire and CO sensors, plus the touchscreen panel. If you pay for your equipment upfront, there is an option for a month to month contract. However, if you need to finance, you may find yourself in a 3.5-year contract. Vivint requires you to use only their equipment. But, when you move, you can take your equipment with you by signing a new agreement. 

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Frontpoint is a blend of DIY and company monitoring. They have been in business since 2007. The standard package starts around $300, and you install it on your own. The positive side is that you get the quality equipment that the professionals use, but you do the installation yourself. You can add the interactive monitoring plan for $44 to $49. There is no professional installation offered for their security systems. Their smart home devices are fairly limited to just a couple of items. You need to upgrade to the $49 Ultimate if you want live video, video recording, or any smart home automation. Frontpoint has the $44 and $49 monthly services without a lengthy contract. 



CRS Alarms operates out of Las Vegas, NV. They have partnered up with Brinks Home Security to bring 20+ years of experience to the area. There are four different packages you can choose from and customize. Their rates start at $19.99 on the monitoring for the basic package. CRS offers free equipment and same-day free installation. However, there is a 36-month contract involved. They can usually use equipment from security systems that already exist in the home. At times, a minor upgrade may be necessary. The best part is that its monitoring station has 24-hr live customer care. 

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These four companies are just a sample of the more popular choices. But, if you have to make a decision, it comes down to what you need. ADT and Vivint are large national chains with millions of customers. The service you receive will depend on that local franchise. The downside of a large company like this is that you become a 1 in a million number. However, they do need to keep up the reputation and the good name of their main company. Frontline is a rapidly growing company with good products but has a DIY system of operation. There is no one to assist with professional installation, so it will all be up to you. CRS is a Brinks Home Security systems servicer and is local to the Las Vegas area. This allows them to provide you with a service that excels and is personal to their local customers. Big names don’t always mean the best service. If you have an immediate need, it is helpful to have someone close at hand.

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