When Should Your Home Security Get an Upgrade?

When Should Your Home Security Get an Upgrade?

It is a good feeling to have a home security system covering your home and protecting your family. If you have had it in the home for an extended period of time, you may be noticing the new technology coming out. Those who run a tight budget have the goal of using their original alarm systems until it doesn’t work anymore. But is that a wise decision? You definitely don’t want downtime when it comes to home security. On the other hand, not everyone can afford to put in a whole new security system. Consider some options when it comes to upgrading your alarm systems. 

Aging of a Home Security System

If your home security system has regular home security camera installationmaintenance over the years, it lasts up to 10-15 years or so. However, just because your equipment seems to last forever, the technology may be far behind. Outdated software leaves your system with limited abilities. Upgrading becomes impossible, and repairs get harder to perform. If you moved into a home with a pre-existing system, it is advisable to get a professional to take a look at it. You want to make sure it is operating properly.


Once you see that your home security system is working well, look over its features. Is it still hardwired? Older ones usually are. A hardwired system leaves it vulnerable to being tampered with and cut. It also keeps you from adding smart home options into it since it would not be compatible. It also prevents you from monitoring with an app on your phone. Check the camera resolution and see if it is giving a clear image. Also, it is important to make sure your control panel is in touch with all the connected devices and functioning efficiently. 


Available Upgrades 

If your home security system has begun to show its age, start thinking about your options. Some are happy with their present system and want to keep it basically the same. In that case, seek advice on how to upgrade or add to your alarm systems to the best extent possible. But, keep in mind, you are putting off the inevitable with an older system. It will get to the point where upgrades are no longer able to be performed. 

Most residents want at least a few smart home items that will work with their virtual voice assistant. Alarm systems that are more than ten years old are not always capable of being integrated with these. In addition, older systems don’t always work with upgraded control panels. Wireless cameras are also becoming popular due to their mobility and easy install. 

Deciding on Your Home Security Smart Home Security Package

Many factors come into the picture with the decision to upgrade your home security system. First, consider its age and how well it is functioning. Next, decide what your needs are. Then, you might want to add some smart home features in there. Last, you’ll have to find out if your system is compatible with these items and can support the upgrade. CRS wants to assist you in these matters. We are happy to listen to your concerns about your present alarm system and hear what your future plans are.

Remember, today’s home security systems do more than scare off intruders. You have the capability to live-stream your home cameras from an app. Not to mention the convenience of smart home appliances taking care of simple tasks before you even get home. Find out a clear picture of what your system is capable of and what upgrades are possible. Give us a call and our experts will help you with an evaluation.