Why is Home Security Needed in Las Vegas?

Why is Home Security Needed in Las Vegas?

Do You Need a Home Security System for Your Las Vegas Home?

As common as having a home security system seems to be, only about 30 percent of our nation’s homeowners have one. There are different reasons for not having home security. For most, it’s a matter of not being thoroughly informed of what is involved. Many feel that it is beyond the reach of their budget, and others might think that they don’t need it in their area. However, with some research, both of these opinions are easily changed. Let’s look at the Las Vegas area and examine the need and affordability of a home security system.

Las Vegas Crime Statistics

According to statistics, the crimes reported per square mile in Las Vegas numbered 162. Whereas for the state of Nevada as a whole, it is 21 per square mile. The crime rate for North Las Vegas is almost 20 percent higher than the national average. In fact, a study by 24/7 Wall St. named Las Vegas as the most dangerous city in Nevada. In addition, the same study polled local residents, and 61 percent of them said they felt “pretty safe”, and only 1 percent said they felt not safe. 

This conflict of opinions is a good example of how we get comfortable in our surroundings. When incidents occur every day around us, it comes to be viewed as normal or not a big deal. Of course, it is a busy area, and people continue to visit and function safely daily. There is just a need to be alert and follow personal safety at all times. Of course, it is a busy area, and people continue to visit daily and function safely. There is just a need to be alert and follow personal safety at all times. A few suggested safety measures might be:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Use common sense and steer away from unsafe looking areas
  • Never go alone, but always with a friend or group

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How to Stay Safe with a Home Security System 

However, these numbers reveal a serious need to protect your family and property. Having a 1 in 35 chance of being a victim of a property crime sounds risky. Property crime is having your property stolen or destroyed without threats against you. This action includes:

  • Burglary
  • Auto theft
  • Larceny (theft of personal property)
  • Arson
  • Vandalism

So, what steps need to be taken at your home to protect your family and property? The best way to stay safe is to stay informed. At home, you also need to be alert to your surroundings. When you pull up into your driveway, notice the area around you. Watch for unfamiliar cars or people around your home. Don’t leave packages or items unattended in an unlocked car.

Most importantly, your home security system now plays a big part in your safety. It allows motion-sensor lights to turn on to greet you when you get home in the dark. Day or night, your security cameras are on the job monitoring for activity. Receive alerts on your smartphone when you are away. When you add 24/7 alarm monitoring, you have backup when you need it on your property, whether you are home or away. Most home security systems come with panic buttons that are in the home or on your key fob. In the case of an emergency, get immediate help inside or outside of your home. 

Home Alarm Monitoring

A Home Security System for All Homes

Just because Las Vegas has a higher ratio of crime than other areas doesn’t mean you can’t stay safe. It has a lot to do with your efforts to put a plan of safety around you. Having a home security system doesn’t mean you are obligated to sign on for the fully-loaded security package with all the smart home devices and extras. Contact us at CRS Home Services and find out what is available that fits into your budget. We offer straightforward pricing with easy-to-understand security packages. Our families live here locally too and we want to show you how to keep yours safe. Find out more by calling us today!


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