What Does Alarm Monitoring Do for You?

What Does Alarm Monitoring Do for You?

Home security systems are a necessity to relieve yourself from distracting worry. Once you get yourself set up with the standard security cameras and other home devices for protection, you feel safe. However, there is an additional step that many take. That is, adding alarm monitoring to watch over your home security system. You have already invested in the equipment and have downloaded the app to watch over your home. Why do you also need to have an alarm monitoring company watching? Are there benefits to having it that outweigh the risks of not having it? Let’s examine some features of an alarm monitoring company and find out what they do for you. 


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How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

It all begins with a central monitoring station connecting to your home security system. Just like the alerts you receive on your smartphone, the monitoring station also receives a notice when an alarm triggers at your home. They monitor for triggered alarms at your home 24/7. Once they receive the alert, they call you to verify the emergency. As soon as you verify that you need the assistance of fire, medical, or police, first responders get sent to your home. If you are unavailable to confirm the emergency, your alarm monitoring station sends out assistance. 

The reason they call to confirm first is to avoid any false alarms. At times, a false alarm results in a fine when emergency services get sent out for no reason. Different cities have different rules that you want to become familiar with. Some alarm monitoring companies give the option of your alarm alert going directly to emergency services, but that risks false alarm fines. If you have children or pets that might possibly trigger alarms, it is not a good idea to have this plan. 


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Why Is It a Good Idea to Have Professional Alarm Monitoring?

The best overall reason to have professional alarm monitoring is the quick response time. If you wake up out of deep sleep due to one of your alarms sounding, you need to figure out what is wrong. Time goes by as you decide what to do and who to call. Whereas, with an alarm station, when they receive your alarm alert, they already see what set it off and are ready to send emergency help as soon as you verify. If it is an emergency where you can’t answer their call, they still send help your way. It is reassuring to know that someone is watching your home for alerts at all times. 

Professional monitoring gets recommended by experts due to the fact that the homeowner is not always available. When there is not any cellular service, or your phone is on Do Not Disturb, or even when you sleep, are the times your home security becomes vulnerable. 


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Is Alarm Monitoring Worth the Monthly Fee?

The monthly fee for the alarm monitoring service causes some to hesitate in adding it to their security system. But, as we’ve seen, at times you are not available. The average home burglary costs the homeowner about $2,416 in losses. This is not a small amount to not be concerned with. Not to mention the daily distraction of wondering if everything is okay at home. In today’s world, peace of mind goes a long way to making life easier. Plus, many homeowner insurance companies give a discount for homes with alarm monitoring. They know that good home security systems and monitoring lower the chances of you ever needing to make a claim. 

What Is Best for Your Home?

Since everyone’s situation is different, there is never a correct answer. Take a look at what your home needs and count the costs. For further assistance and ideas, give us a call at CRS Home Services. Our security experts know the industry well. Since we are a local company, we are also aware of the security issues in the area. Our friendly staff is always on hand to assist you. Protect your home and family the best way possible! Give us a call today for more information.