Keep the Neighborhood Safe with Your Home Security

Keep the Neighborhood Safe with Your Home Security

As we begin to wander back outside after our year of lockdown, it’s good to see the neighborhood come alive. When we first move to our new home it is an exciting time. We chose the area for our specific reasons. However, if you have been there for an extended amount of time, things change. Homes grow older, families move in and out, and the whole demographic changes. Unlike past eras where neighbors knew everyone on the block, our busy lives prevent many from doing that. We focus on what is best for our own home and family. You more than likely have some form of home security system in place for safety. There are ways you can use your personal home security system that will benefit the whole neighborhood.

First Glances

When a potential burglar is glancing over your neighborhood, they are going to look for potential easy targets. Although you can’t control the neighbors, you can set the example of what a burglar doesn’t want. Keep your home well visible to others. Don’t let your landscaping create blind spots or hiding places. Keep trees and bushes trimmed and away from your windows or other access points of your house. You want a home security systems that includes plenty of outside lighting. Motion sensor lights keep any activity on your property in the spotlight. Cameras are also a useful deterrent. If they are visible on the outside of your home, that causes most burglars to move along. 

Be Neighborly

One of the best ways to protect your neighborhood is to work together. Make efforts to get to know those around you. It may have to start out as a simple wave, but the more you become familiar, the more benefits you get. It is good to have neighbors that watch out for each other’s homes and recognize when there is a stranger in the area. In addition, when we come to know and trust others close by, it is also a protection for our children if they need to go somewhere quickly. Even those who do not have a full security system use video doorbells. These economical motion-detecting cameras face the road and are helpful in identifying unusual activity near your home. Some of these doorbell companies have their own app where you sign up to get informed of crime trends in the area. 

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Home Security for All

So, as stated at the beginning, setting an example with your home and yard is a good start. When neighbors see you having cameras and lights installed, it makes them think seriously too. As you get to know each other better, you can share tips and experiences concerning home security and safety ideas. Beyond having the neighbors help you out, there is smart home security as well. Having a smart home helps out with small tasks while you are away from home. You get to program your daily routine into your security system. Then, while you are away, others see the lights in your home turn on. If you are walking close by, you may even hear the TV or radio playing. Your smart home even closes the blinds when it is time for bed. For all appearances, the house looks occupied and in its daily routine. 

In conclusion, it is clear that your home security system benefits more than just your own home. CRS wants you and your neighbors to stay safe. As these times continue to change, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is a need to change or upgrade your system. We are more than happy to go over any existing home alarm systems to see if there is an area for improvement. Your family deserves the best home security system available. Give us a call today to find out more! 

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