Best Ways to Maintain Your Home Security Systems

Best Ways to Maintain Your Home Security Systems

How many people drive their car around with a “Check Engine” light on? The car still runs smoothly, so they take the chance that it is just a glitch or maybe just needs to be reset. That is until the car stops running on the way to work and they are left stranded on the side of the road. The same goes for your home security systems. When you see the little icons or messages waiting for you, see what it is all about. Putting it off because it seems to be running well will not solve the issue. Plus, when it comes to your family’s safety, you don’t want to have a gap in your security coverage. Consider the following suggestions in order to keep your home security system running at its best.

Control Panel Messages

Your home’s hub panel unites all of your home security and smart home devices. When a warning or message light comes on, it could affect your whole system. Most control panels have a self-diagnostic testing mode. However, before you run this, be sure to notify your monitoring center so that they do not alert first responders due to an alarm going off. 

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Check Your Cameras

Cameras are a critical component of your home security. Check each one to see if the sensors are clean. Also, check each view to see if it is still clear and unobstructed. At times, we tend to move around furniture or other items that could interfere with its view. Even curtains could blow and set off the motion sensor in the camera, so be sure to keep the recording path clear. 

Motion SensorsIntrusion Alarm

Keeping your motion sensors functioning properly is a key ingredient for your cameras, lights, and other alarms. The best place for them is up high in a corner away from warm windows or busy doors. Correct placement is the most important strategy, but there is more. Battery maintenance needs to stay on a routine schedule. Failing batteries result in false alarms, or worse, no alarm. Keep the lenses clean for accurate alerts.  

Lights and Sensors

The lighting inside and out requires frequent maintenance. Whether it is replacing bulbs, cleaning sensors, or their smart device communication, make sure it is done on a regular basis for the best performance out of them. 

Batteries, and More Batteries

Your smoke detector isn’t chirping at you just to be annoying. It’s calling for assistance. A simple battery replacement can mean a huge difference if that time of a fire emergency ever comes. Security cameras are also known to pick up emergencies before the homeowner notices. But, this is only possible when it is working properly. Don’t take maintenance lightly on any of your security devices. 

Keeping Up-to-Date home security

It is very important to keep the software for your security devices updated. Keeping the software downloaded frequently allows all of your devices to communicate smoothly with each other. When you run the control panel test, it should alert you to any updates needed. In addition, these updates keep your cybersecurity in place to prevent outside hacking attempts. 

Finishing Touches

So, in review, make a schedule to go over your home security system. Have times for yearly, monthly, or even weekly tasks. Go down your checklist of batteries, lenses, device communication, and other concerns. If you need some guidance or assistance with these inspections, give us a call at CRS Home Security. We want you to continue to be kept safe. The only way to ensure this is to keep your home security system in tiptop shape at all times. While you have us on the line, ask about some of our latest equipment that you could update your system with. 


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