Is DIY Home Security Reliable?

Is DIY Home Security Reliable?

Many of us are working from home and are stuck spending even our free-time around the house. All of a sudden, you have that list of home improvements in your hands. Is a home security system on that to-do list? Are you going to try to tackle that as a DIY project? The good news is, if you were to go out and buy the equipment, it is most likely the same high-quality devices many companies use. As with all DIY items, do your research first. Would this alarm system be as dependable as one a security company puts in for you? 

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Home Security System Must-Haves

What exactly would you need if you were to attempt a DIY home alarm system? Once again, time to research. You might take a look at a security company’s recommendations for a starter package as a foundation. If you’ve looked over our packages here at CRS, we are a Brinks Authorized Dealer, and we recommend you start with door/window contacts, motion sensors, a video doorbell, and night vision capable cameras. To have complete control over your home security system, you can have it all programmed on a smartphone app, or even better, add a touchscreen panel in your home where you can see and control all your smart devices.

You will want to do a walk-through of your home and make notes, so you will know the number of entry points, doors, and windows, in your residence that need motion contacts. You can decide if you need a motion detector or not, but cameras are a definite need. The video doorbell is always a favorite because it serves many purposes. It will detect movement up to 30 feet away, and some have color night vision capability. Not only is it a video camera, it can capture still shots, and also you can have a live, two-way conversation with whoever is at your door. 

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Of course, those are just the start-up items. Depending on how smart you want to make your home, you can keep on layering on the devices. However, the more you want to add, the farther away you are probably getting from the DIY mode. For the basic items, you should only need your drill and a screwdriver. Also, most of the security items with the latest technology are wireless. Wireless keeps you from having to get too technical. Unless you are a licensed electrician, if you get to a point where you are dealing with wiring, then definitely consult a certified specialist for help. Even if you choose the DIY installation, it would still be beneficial to add a monthly monitoring service, such as Brinks Home Security, to keep an eye on things 24/7 when you are away.  

Choosing The Right Home Security

Yes, it is possible to DIY home security systems, but do you really need to take that chance? We can customize your security package with anything you need and then have it installed for FREE. You can also activate an existing system as well. Our licensed and certified specialists will then guide you through using your new system. Call us today and see which decision is best for you. We are here to help keep you safe!