5 Reasons Why Home Security Is Important

5 Reasons Why Home Security Is Important

Have you thought about adding a home security system to your house? Is it something important that is needed by all property owners? The latest FBI Crime Statistics from 2018 showed 7,196,045 property crimes occurred that year. These resulted in $16.4 billion in losses. However, in today’s world of technology, home security systems are not just for keeping out intruders. Today, we will discuss several other reasons why Home Security is of importance. 

1. Protection for the Family

Protecting the ones we love is not a hard decision to make. Homes that do not have a security system are almost three times more likely to be broke in to. When a would-be intruder sees a camera looking back, it is a strong deterrent to leaving it alone. You may have small children or elderly parents in the home. A monitored security system makes it possible to have an instant response if a medical emergency occurs. 

2. Environmental Safety in the Home

Most homes contain smoke detectors, but you can now do even more in protecting your family. Home security systems now include add-ons such as carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, and water sensors that can detect leaks or flooding. Once again, adding 24/7 outside monitoring from a company such as Brinks Home Security allows you to skip the middle man. In the event of an emergency, such as smoke, fire, flooding, or glass breakage detected, a call goes directly to an emergency responder to get quickly to the scene. 

3. Go Green, Save Energy

Your smart home security system can help you control your energy usage by scheduling your lights, thermostat, or other appliances that are not in use while you are away. Using a smartphone, you can turn items off even after you have left your home. Then, you can turn things back on right before you arrive home. Having the convenience of an app at your fingertips allows you to view your house at any time and make adjustments. Is the garage door still open? You can close it remotely and save time and energy. 

4. Protect Your Investment and Save

Your home security protects your valuables in the home, but even better, it can improve its resale value. It is an attractive feature to see that your home is a safe place. To add to your savings, most homeowners insurance companies offer discounts to those who have a home security system installed.  

5. The Importance of Having Home Security

Interactive Home Security System

Putting your home and family under the protection of home security systems is a smart move. At CRS in Las Vegas, we can help you evaluate what you need and put the perfect system together with you. Keep your family safe, protect your home investment, along with being environmentally friendly. Not to mention all the convenience of the smart home additions you can choose. Call us today and see what the possibilities can be!