Home Security and 3 Items New Homeowners Need

Home Security and 3 Items New Homeowners Need

Whether you have built a new home for yourself or you are moving into a home that is new to you, there are a lot of decisions. If this is your first time as a homeowner, home security is now your responsibility. Hopefully, when choosing your location, you looked over the neighborhood and did a little research. Here three items that are important to keep in mind as you settle in:

Do a Thorough Audit of How Your Home is Secured

First, change the locks on your doors. Locks included in this list would be any entry doors (including upstairs balcony), the garage, and any outside gates. Do this right away. You don’t know how many keys that the previous owner gave out to neighbors or friends. Even in a newly-built home, ensure that no outside contractors had access keys to the final locks. The doors should be solid with a strong deadbolt. Secondly, look over the window locks and make sure all are stable and secure. Putting up blinds or curtains can prevent intruders from looking in and seeing your valuables. Finally, include a walk-around on the outside. Do not let any windows get blocked by bushes. Look for any blind spots that potential intruders could use to break into your home. Plenty of outside lighting can keep away any dark, hidden areas along your yard.

What Kind of Home Security System Fits My Needs?

A “security system” at your home can range from a peephole on your front door to your watchdog barking at strangers. Even better, house wide motion sensors with cameras carefully placed that will pick up unusual activity on your property. Best of all, having an outside company such as Brinks Home Security watching over your family and home 24/7. When it comes to protecting our family, there should never be any corner-cutting. However, everyone has a different budget. At CRS Alarms, we will assist you in an evaluation of your home and needs to activate alarm monitoring. In addition, there are a variety of packages that you can customize to fit your budget and give protection at the same time. 

Smart Security Package
Home Security Package

Upgrade Your Home Security with Convenience

Today’s home security systems are not just for watching what is on the security cameras. Home automation added to the security panel can have your whole home running smoothly. A command to your virtual home assistant or just the app on your smartphone can lock doors, adjust the thermostat, monitor for fire and smoke, and more. You can add or delete any of these items as time or budget allow. It is easier than you think.

In Conclusion

Get the most enjoyment out of your new home with the suggestions above. Feeling safe and secure is a priority in our home. Make a plan, research, and follow it through. Don’t wait until it’s too late. In fact, resources are getting smarter and more affordable. Now is the time to get your home security set up for your family.