5 Ways to Make Sure Your Deliveries Stay Safe This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Deliveries Stay Safe This Holiday Season

We are entering the gift-giving season. This means high alert mode for everyone, including the stores, us the consumers, and worst of all, the porch pirates. What can we do to deter the thieves and protect our packages? The time to start planning a strategy is now. Here are five options you can consider. 

#1  Security Cameras

The best way to prevent theft is to make it an undesirable target. Even though your package is sitting unattended at your front door, a thief may walk away empty-handed if they see a doorbell camera or home security camera pointed at them. Many of these cameras have two-way talk capability. This allows you to get alerted to someone at your door and you can confront them in a conversation. There are also some Home Security items that almost every homeowner needs that we discussed in a previous post.

#2  Delivery to the Office

Many people want the assurance that their package gets into their hands safely. In order to get this, they use their place of work or office for the delivery address. This is one of the best options unless you work in a very large building. Then, it may get difficult and you will have to look for another solution. 

#3  Locker Delivery

If your home or office is not a good choice at the moment, look into a locker service. Many of our delivery services, such as Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and more, offer parcel delivery locker options. This is not as convenient as on your doorstep, but it is a choice that is safe. 

#4  Good Neighbors

If you have a trusted neighbor nearby that you know is home most of the time, ask if you can have it delivered to their doorstep to hold for you. Or, when you get an alert that your delivery is down the street, ask your neighbor if they would grab it off your step for you. 

#5  Automatic Garage Delivery

Technology has enabled us to make this choice a real possibility. Did you know that with an Amazon Key, your delivery driver can request that Amazon open your garage so they can place your package inside? Then, when the driver leaves, Amazon will close the door back down. You first need to purchase the Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit. However, if you order a lot of packages, this is a good way to go. Also, if you have a Smart Garage Door Opener already, you can do this open-and-close thing for yourself since you control the garage door. 

In Conclusion

This is one of those instances where there is no one correct solution. Everyone is going to have different delivery issues. So, it is up to you what will work best to keep your packages safe this season. Smart home devices are readily available to any home. At CRS Home Security, we can show you how a smart home can offer more convenience than just safe package delivery. Check out our home security plans or give us a call to learn more, and keep those deliveries coming!

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