Las Vegas Smartest Security Gadgets

Las Vegas Smartest Security Gadgets

When it comes to putting together a Smart Home and its automation, there are endless gadgets from which you will choose. The most important of these items will be the ones that make up your home security systems. The following items can form the layers of protection you can add to your home. All of these can either be installed yourself or by a local home security company. But it’s important to also know the differences between DIY & Professional installed products.

Smart Home Security Products

KwikSet Doorlock
KwikSet Doorlock

Wireless Smart Locks: A one-touch motorized deadbolt with a lit keypad that allows keyless entry with a personalized code. You can lock/unlock it using your smartphone app when you are away from home.

Smart Video Doorbell
Smart Doorbell

Video Doorbell: View activity at your door with 1080p and 5x zoom. Motion-activated with two-way conversation capability. You can capture a photo of the visitor with the touch of a button.

Garage Door Opener: Smart technology allows you to schedule the garage door to close when you leave and open upon your arrival. The door sensor alerts you when the door is open. 

Door/Window Contact: Put the contacts on anything that opens and closes. The sensor will alert you with any status change. 

Smart Security Package

Outdoor/Indoor Cameras with DVR: Home security cameras are 2MP HD 1080p with IR night vision capability up to 65 ft. Receive around-the-clock notifications and DVR recording of the detected movement. 

Lighting: Have control over the lighting in your home by using your smartphone app, or have them pre-programmed for your arrival. 

Lamp Module: Never wonder if you turned off the light or any other plugged-in appliance or device. Control or schedule anything plugged into this module for on and off the power. 

Motion Sensor: Place these sensors throughout your home to detect any movement or body heat when it passes by. The sensors are pet friendly up to 40 pounds.

Smoke Detector: This continues to work 24/7 even when your security system is unarmed. You will be instantly alerted when it senses the presence of smoke using photoelectric technology. 

Geo-Services: This program allows you to make rules of automation for all the smart home devices you have connected. Schedule to have your house up and running when your smartphone detects your arrival. Safety is a sure thing when this service knows the rules to detect any unusual activity inside or out.

IQ Panel 2 or GC2 Panel: Touchscreen control over all of your smart home devices. Two-way voice communication with the central monitoring station for emergencies. Access it with your smartphone app.

These are only a few of the choices you will make when putting together a smart home security system. When you start with the more important things, it makes your home more safe and secure. Once this safety is established, look over the rest of our Smart Home products for items of convenience and comfort. With today’s technology, you have control over everything in your home from wherever in the world you happen to be. Keep informed of all activities and emergency alerts when necessary. Your home becomes a safe place where you can always be worry-free. Home security is important, but integrating it in with your home is a benefit to all.